Cristine Reyes Preparing For Birth

A lot were shocked when Cristine Reyes first announced that she was pregnant. Some said negative things, but as times go by.. They learned to accept it.Cristine said that Ali’s brother from another mother Franco Ruballado trains him to get ready for battle, and by battle I mean giving birth to their little pretty angel.

Cristine said she longed for their relationship for months. She also said that at first there where a lot of doubts, but in the end, she decided to go for it and let faith lead the way.

Like many relationships, she said that there were many trials and errors. But as the time goes by, they realize how important they are to each other, and why they started the life they build together for their future family.

The picture shows a happy couple were Cristine Reyes is showing her baby bump and her boyfriend showing off his abs.

A lot say that Cristine still maintains her sexy body while pregnant, and that Cristine Reyes is an example and an inspiration to the other mom’s out there that you could still stay fit and sexy even if you’re pregnant.

She also received negative comments saying that her tummy is a little bit small than the usual size of a 6 months fetus, and which they say that she’s scared of getting fat, and that she doesn’t need to diet because her baby needs to be healthy. But some defend her that it’s normal to have a little baby bump when it’s your first baby, which is true

A lot congratulated her and wished her baby to be healthy, and more fruitful years with her partner