Friday , 25 May 2018


Filipino film director Ejay Yan has criticized Pope Francis and his statement on his Philippines visit in social media on Wednesday.

In his Facebook profile named Ejay BigBear, Direk Yan was apparently irked with the published statement of thehead of Catholic Church asking Filipinos to “focus on Jesus, not me” on his visit in the country.

Yan lamented that the visit has ‘disturbed’ payroll schedules because of the declared holidays, traffic jams brought about by closed roads, and all the spending government has to make to ensure Pope’s security.

Here’s the full post:

Update: The profile Ejay BigBear has been deleted.

Based on his profile, Yan is an indie film director of FILmO Media Productions. In one of his previous posts in social network, he said that he dislikes people who post too much about god and bible verses too frequently…”

Pope Francis arrived in the Manila via Villamor Airbase on Thursday, January 15. He will also visit Tacloban on Saturday to meet victims of Typhoon Yolanda, and will leave the country on Monday, January 19.


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