Friday , 25 May 2018

Another Filipino managed to take #BlessedByThePope selfie with Pope Francis

A lucky Engineering student took a viral selfie with Pope Francis in his Youth Encounter visit at the University of Santo Tomas last Sunday morning. The event Youth Encounter advocates to let the voices of the youth be heard.



Rikki Macolor, a youth volunteer and one of the four chosen public speakers in the event was given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a selfie with His Holiness.

In the event, His Holiness delivered an impromptu speech about the people’s commitments on helping the poor. By the end of the event, the people sang “Tell the World of His Love”, the Papal visit official theme song.

As the Pontiff is making his way to the Pope mobile, Macolor managed to take a selfie as witnessed in the live coverage of the event. Macolor uploaded the picture in his Facebook and the photo went viral.

Aside from his viral selfie with the Pope, Macolor is also known for his innovation which aided the Yolanda victims. He invented the solar night light distributed to the victims of the typhoon.

On the other hand, this is the second time a Filipino was given the chance to take a selfie with His Holiness. The first instance is with Tricia Farnacio, the 16-year old girl suffering from nephrotic syndrome. Farnacio was waiting for the Pontiff’s arrival from Leyte at Villamor Airbase last Saturday.

The Pope was greeted with a lot of devotees in the airport. Farnacio means to greet the Pope, but was surprised when His Holiness agreed to take a selfie with her. The selfie spread as Farnacio posted it in her Twitter account with the caption“It was all worth it.”

Source: GMA News


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